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Siamese cable for hassle free installation of devices

Posted by Yoel on

Siamese cable is a combination cable that facilitates to give a single location via a single cable, to two types of wiring, used for the transmission of power and data. A Siamese Cable helps installing devices in an organized manner. These are most commonly used for closed circuit television (CCTV) devices and also for surveillance cameras. Thus, you can organize the installation of such devices without extra wiring as no separate cables are used when Siamese cable is used.

Features of Siamese Cable

These cables are best suited for the devices that are to be installed at greater distances. These cables are designed to carry data and power signals to longer distances of even up to 1000 feet.

Besides CCTV and surveillance camera systems, these cables can also be used in the Cable TV or other video applications systems.

The most common type of Siamese Cable which is widely used is RG59 Siamese Cable.

This type of cable is heavily shielded and is much more durable. This kind of Siamese Cable can be used for a longer period of time and can be relied upon for long run installation of systems. It can also be used as per the needs of the length and you can cut it accordingly. This type of cable is mostly used by professionals for the installation of CCTV systems.

Siamese cables are proven to be the most convenient cable that can be used for hassle free installations as it has both the video and power cable wrapped in one single jacket. Thus, there is no need of separate or extra wires.

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