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RG6 Coax Cable

Posted by Yoel on

The RG6 coax cable is the most recommended cable to be used for the distribution of the signals from Cable TV, antenna or satellite to that of your device. RG6 is a common coaxial cable which is put to many general uses in a number of applications for residential or commercial purposes. RG6 is basically a category of cables that covers a variety of cables that differ from each other by way of various aspects. These aspects include the type of jacket, shielding features, dielectric type and the composition of the center conductor.


The most commonly used RG6 cable is the CATV (Cable Television) distribution coaxial cable. This cable is used to direct the signals of the cable television to houses. This kind of cable helps in delivering the cable television signal within the house, too. The CATV type of RG6 cable has been used on a larger scale in recent years and has replaced the old RG59 cable.

The RG6 coax cable is also widely used in the professional applications of video making. These are used to carry the video or SDI signals within these applications. Such type of RG6 coax cables come with a solid copper center conductor and with a heavy shielding. The impedance stability is much improved due to the high level of tolerance.

These cables are easy to use and install as these come with already fitted connectors on both of their ends. The different types of connectors include F Connectors, BNC Connectors, RCA plugs etc.

This kind of cable finds its utility in a variety of other applications and systems too and can be used in any measure or length.

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