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RJ45 Keystone Connectors

Posted by Yoel on

A keystone connector is a rectangular connector with a width of 14.5 mm and a height of 16.0 mm. it is used to keep the flexible tabs in place. When kept in place with the flexible tabs, it helps then to mount in the similar sized holes of rectangular shape, called the ports.

The keystone connectors, no matter what type of jack they have, can be interchanged and replaced. Thus, there is flexibility in their arrangement.

Features of RJ45 Keystone Connector:

RJ45 is a kind of keystone connector which is used for the networking of Ethernet. By the looks of it, this connector looks like a wider telephone jack. The Ethernet cables usually have the RJ45 keystone connectors on either end. This is why the Ethernet cables are also called RJ45 cables.

The two most common cables which were earlier used with this connector are the UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable and STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cable. Now, the common cable used with these connectors is the CAT6 cable.

With these connectors the Cable color coding is used to pair cables and the cables are later punched on them. The connector comes with 8 golden pins. The connection between varied devices is done with the help of straight cable and the connection between similar devices for example from router to router is done with crossover cables.

The RJ45 cables are wired in two wire coding - T-568A and T-568B.

The most commonly used coding schemes of wiring in the RJ45 connectors is the T-568B scheme. But many devices usually also support the T-568A scheme. There are also some applications of networking that require both the T-568A connector and T568B connector. This kind of cable is generally used when there is no availability of hub, switch or router.

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