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Bulk Alarm Cable

Posted by Yoel on

Alarm cables are the cables which are used in circuiting and wiring the security or fire alarm systems. These cables are multi-conductor cables and also have multiple utility. Generally, these cables are used to connect various devices like sensors, detection devices and alarms, in the alarm systems.


The utility of the bulk alarm cable is not only found in the alarm systems, but these are also used in power limited controls, intercom systems and in various kinds of sound systems. These cables are available in bulk in various forms that range from the diameter of 12 AWG to 22 AWG in general. There are two versions of the alarm cables names the riser version and the plenum version which are available for different types of applications, as per the suitability and compatibility. Different kinds of alarm systems have different requirements and suitability needs for the alarm cable. For instance, a conventional wiring of the alarm system the alarm cable which is used contains eight copper conductors which are stranded together and in such alarm cable, there is a CMR jacket which is riser rated. The diameter of the conductors is usually 18 AWG and the shielding of the wire contains Aluminum Mylar. The cable also contains rip cord, gray PVC Jacket and a drain wire.

The alarm cable which is most commonly used and is compatible with the access control devices and security alarm systems is the EZ Access Control Cable. This kind CMR/CL2R alarm cable is a perfect companion of the alarm systems. The main feature of this cable is that it is very easy to install and saves your money and time by avoiding complex installation of the alarm systems. This cable is specially designed to connect multiple devices in a single pull. It also comes with a unique EZ ID that helps a quick setup and easy identification of the cable.

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