Switch/Outlet Box with Adjustable Bracket, New Work, ETL, 1 Gang Interior Wall Electrical Box 21 Cubic 2.25-Inch Length by 3.65-Inch Width by 3.32-Inch Depth, Plastic Blue

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Switch Box 402707 (CX)
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Outlet boxes are essential for:

Safety: Protecting electrical connections from damage and reducing fire risks.

Support: Providing a stable platform for outlets and switches.

Compliance: Meeting electrical codes and regulations.

Organization: Organizing and concealing wiring.

Ease of Installation: Simplifying the installation process.


1 gang new work outlet box - electrical junction box designed for installation during new construction or renovations. This 1 gang outlet switch has an Adjustable Bracket Mounting. This box made of plastic installed within walls or ceilings to provide a secure housing for wiring connections and to support the installation of electrical outlets or switches.


Type: 1 Gang Outlet/Switch box with Adjustable Bracket, New Work
For use with non-metallic sheathed cable
Cubic Capacity: 21 cu in Four Nockouts
Product Size (LxWxD): 2.25"×3.65"×3.32"


24 hrs

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