Standard Switch/Outlet Box, Old Work, 1 Gang Junction Box for Switch or Wall Outlet Installation, 14 Cubic, 2-1/4-Inch Length by 4-3/10-Inch Width by 2-3/4-Inch Depth, Plastic Blue

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Switch Box 402715 (CX)
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A "Switch/Outlet Box, Old Work, 1 Gang" is a type of electrical enclosure for existing walls, designed to hold one switch or outlet securely in place.

Type: 1 Gang Outlet/Switch box, Old Work
For use with non-metallic sheathed cable
Mounting ears and Swing clamps
Suitable for masonry wall
Cubic Capacity: 14 cu in Four Integral Clamps
Product Size (LxWxD): 2-1/4"×4-3/10"×2-3/4"
Safety: This Outlet box provides a secure housing for electrical connections, protecting them from accidental damage, exposure to moisture, and contact with flammable materials. They also help contain sparks or heat generated by electrical components, reducing the risk of fire.

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