Single Gang Electrical Outlet Box Extender, 1 Gang, White, Single Receptacle Heavy Duty Plastic

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Box Extender 402755 (CX)
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Using an electrical power outlet box extender will provide a solution by allowing you to accommodate additional wiring, ensure proper depth of the outlet or switch, maintain safety by preventing overcrowding, and ensure compliance with electrical codes and standards.

*Accommodate Additional Wiring: If the existing electrical box is too shallow to accommodate the wiring needed for a new outlet or switch, an extender is used to create additional space within the box. This ensures that there is enough room for all the wires and connectors, reducing the risk of overcrowding and potential electrical hazards.
*Correct Depth: In some cases, electrical boxes may not be installed at the correct depth within the wall, leaving them recessed too far back. An extender can be added to bring the outlet or switch to the proper depth, ensuring that the faceplate sits flush with the wall surface for a neat and professional finish.
*Enhance Safety: By ensuring that electrical boxes are properly sized and positioned, extenders help to maintain compliance with electrical codes and standards, which are designed to ensure safety. Overcrowded or improperly installed boxes can increase the risk of electrical fires or other hazards.
*Versatility: Electrical box extenders come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different types of electrical boxes and installations. They can be used in both residential and commercial settings and are compatible with a wide range of electrical wiring and devices.
Dimensions L×W×D: 2.43"×4.28"×1.85"



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