Low Voltage Nail-On Mounting Bracket 1 Gang New Work, ETL - Secure Speaker Wires, Network Cables, Coaxial Cables to Walls or Ceilings

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Mount Bracket 402713 (CX)
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Low voltage nail-on mounting brackets are used to secure low voltage cables (e.g., speaker wires, network cables) to walls or ceilings. They provide stability, protect cables from damage, help organize them, ensure compliance with building codes, and are easy to install. These brackets serve several purposes: Secure Mounting, Protection ,Organization, Compliance,Ease of Installation.

Overall, low voltage nail-on mounting brackets play a crucial role in the installation and maintenance of low voltage electrical systems, providing stability, protection, and organization for the cables.

  • Type: Low Voltage Nail-On Mounting Bracket, New Work, 1-Gang
  • Securing low voltage cables to walls or ceilings: Attaching the cables to surfaces such as walls or ceilings using the nail-on mounting brackets. This ensures that the cables are held in place and do not hang loose, providing a neat and organized appearance while also preventing accidental damage to the cables.
  • Organization: Mounting brackets help to organize cables neatly, preventing tangling and making it easier to identify and manage different cables.
  • Ease of Installation: Nail-on mounting brackets are typically easy to install, requiring only basic tools such as a hammer or screwdriver, depending on the type of bracket and the surface it's being mounted on
  • Dimension: 3.14-Inch Length by 5.34-Inch Width by 1.61-Inch Depth
  • ETL Listed


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